Company Profile

All Parks Insurance is a specialised Underwriting Agency established in May 2011, to cover the specialised needs of the Caravan Park Proprietor. Our policy was written specifically for Caravan Parks and is therefore unlike the majority of policies offered by other insurers who simply try to adapt their standard Commercial Package policy wordings.

It was evident that the needs of the Caravan and Holiday Parks, Holiday and Resort Villages and Home Estate industry as a whole was not being addressed and All Parks Insurance set out to rectify this and now offer a range of covers for these industries.

All Parks Insurance may only be a new contender in the market however Director, Julie Pernecker isn't. Julie, the former manager of Parks Insurance and more recently Lumley Insurance, is now heading up All Parks Insurance. Before selling Parks Insurance in 2006, Julie and her father Rob had established themselves as the "parks and resorts industry" insurance specialists. With over 15 years experience in insuring Caravan Parks Julie and her team understands that your every day insurance needs require special attention and are here to make sure it all runs smoothly.

At All Parks Insurance, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service and a superior specialised wording to match.

In the changing world in which we live in, the colloquialism "she'll be right mate" no longer applies. With the increasing trend in litigation and the increased awareness of the consumer Caravan and Holiday Parks, Holiday and Resort Villages and Home Estates who do not meet the Quality Assurance standards will "not be right mate".

Our goals are to become the market leader in this specialized field and to return to the park operator, the information and tools necessary to minimise loss exposure and therefore keep premiums as low as possible. We in no way wish to bulldoze any operator to conform to our rules, but equally do not wish to insure operators who will not help themselves by changing bad work practices.

As we do not have branches in all towns, it is not practical to be on hand to meet the total day-to-day insurance needs of all park operators. To overcome this, All Parks Insurance has elected to wholesale through licensed Insurance Brokerages.

We are proud of our product and of the industry we support, yours. So why not give us a call today or get your existing insurance broker to call us. We are your road to a good nights sleep.

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